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WithMa is a compound word of “with” and “ma”
that means “together with mother,”
and it is a brand specializing in heating products.

We sell and develop products that consider warmth and safety with the mother's heart.
We strive to make products that are warm, like a mother's touch, for the happiness of children. In addition, through systematic design, we are focused on the essence of heat based on our expertise.
Our goal is to reduce the risk of safety accidents and deliver warmth everywhere that heat is needed, starting with general consumer products.
It may be a little slow, but we will faithfully follow the path we want to pursue.

Organizational Chart
Company History
  • 2021
    • 10

      Designated as an excellent quality product by Incheon Metropolitan City

    • 08

      Applied for the trademark of M.VIBE (40-2021-0159057)

    • 07

      Certified as a venture firm

    • 07

      Selected for a manufacturing innovation voucher

    • 06

      Applied for the trademark of Heat.G (40-2021-0131250)

    • 05

      Certified for far-infrared emission by Korea Far-Infrared Application Evaluation Institute

    • 04

      Selected for a social entrepreneur fostering project

    • 02

      Selected as a KOSME branching business (USA-Washington, Japan-Tokyo)

    • 02

      Selected for a support business as a leading companies in export vouchers

    • 01

      Selected for “best” performance in the 2020 Preliminary Startup Package Support Project
      (March 2020 - January 2021)

  • 2020
    • 12

      Received KC safety certification for “electric heating machine” product

    • 12

      Signed an MOU with LEEFAM, U.S.

    • 11

      Registered a patent for a surface heating element and a heating seat for a vehicles employing it (10-2183876)

    • 10

      Received a silver prize at the 2020 Korea International Women‘s Invention Exposition

    • 10

      “Received the international electromagnetic wave FCC certification for “heating pad” product
      Received Korean electromagnetic wave certification for “electric heat therapy device” product

    • 08

      Verified as a female enterprise

    • 07

      Verified as a small-sized enterprise

    • 07

      Applied for a patent for a dry foot bath using a temperature transfer medium (10-2020-0085875)

    • 07

      WithMa established

    • 03

      Selected for “best” performance for the 2020 Preliminary Startup Package Support Project (March 2020 - January 2021)

  • 2019
    • 12

      Registered a patent for a surface heating pad and a heat therapy device employing it (10-2019-0159009)